Who is an OOFER?

An OOFER is a member of a dedicated band of people who form the backbone of the oil industry in delivering fuels to Regional Australia.

It was the O0FERS who helped open up the outback and regional Australia by servicing those communities with fuel deliveries.

OOFERS are quintessential 'small business' people who have provided and continue to provide, the essential service of fuel supplies to regional Australia.

It was OOFER people who banded together in the late seventies to form the industry association (APADA) now ACAPMA, to protect their small businesses from the voracious activities of the major oil companies and militant unions.

It was the OOFERS, who through their Association APADA, took on through the courts, the Unions, which were controlling the oil industry at that time through rampant and unreasonable militancy and won. Their successful action was the catalyst in breaking union power and major oil acting in concert with them.

It was the OOFERS, again through APADA, who pressured the oil companies into providing more commercially reasonable wholesaler agreements, forcing them too, into recognising Goodwill in a wholesaler business.

It was the OOFERS, through APADA, who reacted to unfair pricing for insurance cover on their petroleum vehicles and formed the highly successful international insurance company OAMPS.

It was the OOFERS through APADA who took on the major oil companies in their practice of not adopting 'temperature correction' in their deliveries to wholesalers and retail networks saving wholesalers and resellers millions of dollars.

If you would like to become a "Proud Australian OOFER" please see our How to Join page.

OOFER membership is open to all past and present petroleum wholesalers/distributors/agents, their wives, partners, staff and those closely associated with the sector.

An OOFER Reunion Luncheon is held every two years.

Contact us at the below address to be placed on the "OOFER" mailing list.

37/7-8 Ozone St
Sandy Cove Building,

PHONE: (02) 4389 7914
Email: kevinhughes@hehpetrolconsultancy.com.au

Oofers are the traditional suppliers of petroleum fuels to regional Australia.


Create an environment of fellowship that brings together the people that have worked to build a dynamic and robust Australian oil industry wholesale sector, which continues to be of great service to our communities. Seek to establish links of communication that will provide new members and assist in the welfare of current members and their families.


Encourage existing industry participants to share their knowledge on industry trends and trading conditions. In addition, the opportunity will be taken to recognise those of the OOFER community who have provided exemplary service to the Australian oil industry and the community through the provision of the "OOFERs Australia Award.' Conduct a bi-annual reunion and annual AGM in accordance with our standing rules and provide a program that allows for the reunions to be hosted in a popular region of Australia.


OOFERS Australia membership to be drawn from those who have worked or are working within the wholesale sector of the Australian oil industry or those closely associated with that sector.

A not for profit fellowship group of current and retired oil industry wholesaler and those closely associated with that sector.

OOFERS offer assistance to members in distress

Download information about our distress assistance program here.